“There’s always going to be a certain amount of jobs you can’t automate away.” – Brian Emerick, CEO, Micropulse

Technology today is a rapidly growing sector of the economy and a vital component for companies in every industry. Tech executives have a wide range of responsibilities, depending on the company’s needs. Executives Unlimited looks past mere titles to get the heart of what a candidate’s core competencies are. We evaluate their leadership skills and formal education, and what matters most is demonstrated results.

Case Study

A rapidly growing IT division of a billion-dollar North American company had an immediate need to fill three key positions. They asked Executives Unlimited to conduct searches for a Director of Telecommunications, a Manager of Applications Services and an Interim Director of Project Management for Oracle Implementation. Within 15 days, Executives Unlimited presented candidates for all three positions and in 4 weeks of initiation of the search, all the selected candidates were on the job.

Count on Executives Unlimited to support your company’s recruitment needs on every step of the journey. Let Executives Unlimited find the individual who will treat your technology infrastructure as seriously as you do.

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