Ashley Pennewell


Ashley joined Executives Unlimited over 3 years ago and hit the ground running. As a primary contributor in a boutique national organization, she has successfully learned many aspects of the business including, sourcing and identification of candidates, client administration, marketing and business development. As Director of Marketing & Business Development, Ashley develops and implements the brand and marketing strategy, in addition to managing the company’s website, social media presence and newsletter campaigns. She works closely with the President and Vice President of Research to identify new business opportunities, generate leads and to cultivate new and existing client relationships. Ashley successfully communicates with senior management and C-level executives to bring solutions to clients in multiple industries including Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Education.

Prior to joining the firm, Ashley graduated from the University of California, Irvine, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and minoring in Education and Biology. During her time as an undergraduate, she gained experience teaching in two Education nonprofits, conducting research in a cognitive science and education lab, and planning and promoting on-campus events for various university departments and housing communities. Her passion for education and involvement ignited her interest in marketing and recruiting.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys reading, traveling, playing sports and going to the beach. In 2016, she volunteered as Assistant Producer for TEDx Mission Viejo. Today, she is actively involved in Toastmasters International and plans to pursue her Master’s degree in Organizational Change.


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