You are heading in the right direction. You know what you want to achieve. You see the vision for your organization. You just might not know how to get there. We understand the pressure you are under. We are here to help you secure the right talent for your organization. With unique expertise in assessing corporate culture and job-candidate criteria, we are able to identify proven leaders across organizational and corporate functions that inspire your corporate vision.

Executive Search

We are experts in recruiting C-level, VP, and Director executive talent across a wide range of industries and job functions, supporting a global roster of clients ranging from entrepreneurial middle-market companies to billion-dollar multinational corporations, both publicly and privately held, as well as nonprofits. Deeply rooted in the key principles of successful recruiting, our work is underscored by our resolute commitment to quality and ethics at all levels.

Sometimes the right candidate is not someone you would even think about. Executives Unlimited guides you to dive deep to understand how well a candidate fits into your culture and how they complement your objectives.

Having a transparent, consultative executive search firm that will partner with you to evaluate your organizational needs and recruit essential executive leadership is vital to your long-term success.

Positions we have placed include:

  • Board of Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Chief Human Resources
  • General Management
  • Corporate Controller

We contacted Executives Unlimited because we were in need of a quick interim executive placement. They helped us fill this critical executive position with very little downtime and a very appropriate fee structure. Based on the performance of this individual, we elected to convert him to the permanent role as Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer. -Les Granow, Chief Financial Officer

Executive Compensation

In challenging economic times, many companies find it difficult to keep pace with rising salaries. In addition, the current high rate of employment leads to an exceptionally competitive talent market. Executives Unlimited has the experience necessary to fulfill your company’s recruitment needs, with successful navigation in a tight employment market that favors the candidate.

We work closely with the client to determine their requirements and evaluate their budgets for compensation and relocation, where applicable. We research compensation in parallel to the industry in order to attract the right level of talent and ensure success in placement. We help to design a compensation package commensurate with the caliber of talent desired that will keep them motivated to do their best. This may include compensation that is not solely monetary, such as healthcare and company-subsidized benefits, retirement matching, mentoring programs, or tuition assistance. Upon the client’s selection of the best candidate, our team provides assistance in the development of a competitive compensation package as well as in the negotiation of the final offer.

Leadership Transformation

Leadership transformation is a vital component in helping companies maintain their competitive advantage in today’s world. Executives Unlimited holds strong partnerships with some of the most recognized experts in leadership development and coaching, with proven, practical experience in assessing and developing strategy, organizational design, innovation, and culture.

Executives Unlimited partners with results-driven transformational coaches to provide their clients with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing professional environment. Utilizing a tailor-made and targeted approach to each client, combined with the latest in organizational and behavioral research, our coaches analyze and optimize corporate culture to leverage the leader’s unique skill sets and experiences.

Our approach revolves around personalization. Each company and individual we work with brings their own set of challenges and contributions to the table. When it comes to leadership transformation, we personalize our services to speak directly to the client’s concerns, both big and small. Whatever the need, Executives Unlimited listens to and addresses the client’s situation to create sustainable solutions.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a necessary strategic plan for companies that is often overlooked for more immediately pressing matters. Yet as baby boomers retire in large numbers, succession planning becomes more vital to companies that will soon encounter the departures of key executives and decision-makers.

A solid, well-planned succession plan takes time. Leadership training, mentoring of existing talent, and communication with employees are all vital steps in the process. Working with professionals that know the ins and outs of succession planning and can customize it according to the individual organization’s needs simplifies the entire process, ensuring it runs smoothly.

With close to two decades of experience, Executives Unlimited examines the dynamics within organizational hierarchies. We understand the value in shareholders and employees who know their company’s future is safeguarded through the visionary plans of their leaders, and we take pride in thinking ahead. Partnering with Executives Unlimited for your succession planning ensures that business will run as usual when the inevitable leadership change occurs.

Board Services

Stockholder pressure and new regulations have forced many public companies to pursue significant changes in the role of their Boards. Private companies are closely examining their Board composition, activities, and potential shortcomings.

During a challenging economic time, the addition of a new Board member may represent one of the more productive and relatively low-cost acquisitions a company can make. Executives Unlimited is skilled in the creation, evaluation, and transition of Boards, including the replacement of and search for new Board members.

When expanding a Board or replacing a retiring member, determining his/her time availability and level of commitment is of utmost importance. Many experienced Board members resign because of the increased time obligation serving on a Board requires in conjunction with existing professional obligations. The proper fit avoids the need for frequent replacements which builds member confidence.