Tomilee Tilley Gill Honored at C5LA Inspire The Dream Gala

“Leaders are not born, they are grown. They are nurtured, cultivated and they are even trained. They are forged out of the fires of the challenges they face.”

On Tuesday, October 20th, Founder and President of Executives Unlimited, Tomilee Tilley Gill, was honored alongside Roger Corman at the C5LA Inspire The Dream Gala. C5LA Inspire the Dream builds community awareness and raises funds to help high potential, under-resourced teens graduate from high school and go to college with a 97% success rate. For further info visit C5LA at

“C5 is honoring me and I am not the person who should be honored. It’s the youth that take that risk to move their lives forward to the unknown, it is the young leader’s success that we should all celebrate.”

Listen to Tomilee’s full speech below: