Interim Executives

90% of Executive Unlimited’s interim executive placements convert to permanent positions.

When Time Is of the Essence

Interim executives can be the ideal solution when an organization is faced with a short-term need without incurring the risk and costs associated with a traditional hire. In many situations, a traditional executive may be unnecessary or impossible to find on short notice. Executives Unlimited can facilitate a highly skilled, qualified interim placement within as little as 15 days, which is essential when time constraints are paramount.

We are very pleased with the outstanding talent that the Interim President has brought to our company. EUI’s interim placement program enabled us to fill this critical executive position with very little down time and minimal costs. Thank you for your expertise; it proved to be invaluable to us.” – Timothy Cooper, Former Managing Director, Tellermate, Inc.

When to Consider an Interim Search

Unlike high priced consultants who merely offer advice, interim executives are experts who implement immediate productivity. Contracting with an interim executive can bring subject-matter expertise to a project or a steady hand to an unstable environment including:

  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership voids due to sudden departure
  • Family leave or Illness
  • Downsizing or restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Work overflows
  • Supply chain issues
  • Developing senior executives
  • Introducing a new product
  • Succession training

In some cases, companies may choose to retain an interim executive before they commit to a permanent hire. This allows an “engagement period” for both the client and the executive to evaluate whether this match fulfills their objectives and long-term needs.

“We contacted Executives Unlimited because we were in need of a quick interim executive placement. EUI helped us fill this critical executive position with very little down-time and a very appropriate fees structure that resulted in reasonable costs. Our Management team was pleased with the outcome of rapidly placing an experienced Interim Human Resources Executive. Based on the performance of this individual, we elected to convert him to the permanent role as Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer. Thank you for your advice, responsiveness and expertise; it proved to be invaluable to us.” – Les Granow, Chief Financial Officer

Our Liability, Not Yours

An interim executive requires no long term commitment, no expensive fringe benefits or participation in a company’s bonus pool. By placing the interim executive on the Executives Unlimited payroll, we mitigate employer liability and manage all payroll and contractual requirements. As your strategic partner, Executives Unlimited interim practice can improve your bottom line without affecting your fixed overhead costs.

To discuss your Interim executive search needs, simply contact our corporate office.