A True Partnership Approach

Our consultative, collaborative client partnership approach takes a holistic look at both your current and future leadership needs.

Our comprehensive 360º search process includes our expansive candidate network, rigorous one-on-one sourcing tactics, in-person interviews, and our 18-month onboarding and post-placement follow-up.

  • Step One

    Learning & Evaluation

    We begin each search assignment by learning about your company’s particular industry, conducting a competitive analysis and evaluating your business and hiring needs to ensure that we understand your specific objectives. As part of our advisory role, we review strategies, delve into financials, conduct multiple interviews and perform site visits.


    To maximize the success of the placement, we help our clients clearly define their hiring objectives; map the exact specifications for the position; and articulate the organization’s needs, style and culture.

  • Step Two

    Research & Identification

    Our experienced in-house research sources, identifies and assesses prospective candidates. We present our findings on a regular basis to keep you informed of our progress, as well as to further benchmark the “must haves” vs. the “nice to haves” initially identified at the start of the search. The identification phase is educational and allows us to further learn about market conditions and industry trends. We share that information with you as a means of further refining the position qualifications. We find that the search process is constantly evolving and the identification process allow us to further refine the qualifications and provide you with the best candidates available.


  • Step Three


    Once we have identified an initial slate of possible candidates, we begin a deep dive into their backgrounds in order to determine their overall viability for the search. Through our prequalification process we not only take into account the skill level and achievements but leadership style, drive, initiative and overall character. We know that cultural fit is as important experiential fit when finding the right candidate and ensuring a long term hire. We work diligently to provide you with a comprehensive view of each candidate before you even meet them face to face.

  • Step Four

    Presentation & Interview

    We provide detailed presentation packages for each candidate we recommend for consideration. We will review the candidates with you and share our impressions to assist you in selecting the strongest interview slate.  All of this careful vetting is intended to save you valuable time in the interview process.  We will also assist you by providing suggested interview questions, identifying key constituents in your organization to assemble an interview team, and provide interview training, if requested.

  • Step Five

    Placement & Onboarding

    Once finalist candidates have been selected we undertake an additional level of due diligence through professional and criminal background checking to complete the evaluation process.  When you determine the ideal candidate for the position, we will help in the negotiation of terms of the offer, financial incentives, relocation, and objectives for success in the first 18 months of employment.


    We believe careful attention to onboarding a new employee in the first critical months significantly increases effectiveness and retention.  In keeping with our consultative approach we track the placed executive for up to 18 months, obtaining input from both client and employee, and will collaborate and consult as needed.

Proven Results

100% Of Our Search Assignments Have Been Filled

We have supported recruitment for more than 750 companies worldwide across most industries and job functions. With each assignment, our work is underscored by our resolute commitment to quality and ethics at all levels.

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    “Executives Unlimited, Inc. is the best at what they do. EUI’s vetting process is exceptionally thorough, and their use of the personal narrative, written by the candidate, is a unique and beneficial aspect to their process. Beyond just the resume, it probes for personal style to assure alignment with a firm’s culture. No other recruiting firm I know of adds this critical extra layer of insight.” 

    Adam Michaelson Chief Marketing Officer
  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    “I had an important role with some false starts and stops and wasn’t happy with providers I have used in the past. I wanted someone who would work beyond just the task; this is what brought me to Executives Unlimited. After meeting with Tomilee, hearing her passion and pride in her work, I realized that she was committed to the outcome and thought about things from my side rather than how this could meet her numbers. The Executives Unlimited team listened to both what I did and did not say, and provided options that were outside just what I asked for, leveraging their expertise. As a result, I found a candidate I am very happy with. Tomilee said she keeps her clients for life; I do the same, and I can see she does everything in her power to create value.”

    Ehsan Gharatappeh Founder/Chief Executive Officer
  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    “We contacted Executives Unlimited when considering a retained search firm to help recruit a Managing Director of Sales & Marketing for our newly acquired US based middle market manufacturing company. IBP Group wanted a firm that would be a trusted partner with a national footprint to recruit the best candidate for our business. We were impressed with EUI by the first phone call. EUI understood our global requirements and supported us well through our first acquisitions in the US. After retaining EUI we successfully placed our Sales & Marketing Managing Director.”

    Lorraine Mildner Group Human Resources Director

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