Family Office

A Family Office is built on the idea of trust and longevity, and no one understands this better than Executives Unlimited. Our founder serves on the board of several family-owned companies that have flourished from generation to generation. Several of these companies have developed private family offices.

Private Family Office is one of the fastest-growing investment strategies today. We know a successful Family Office projects beyond the present, which is why we recruit experienced multigenerational management experts.

As Family Offices sprout up across the nation, recruiting the most qualified talent that possess demonstrated expertise in fiduciary management is both essential and challenging.

“I have worked with Executives Unlimited for 14 years. They are the highest quality executive search firm in the nation.”

Executives Unlimited sources and recruits candidates who will integrate into the Family Office culture and will add experience, skill, and vision. Our experts excel in identifying candidates who represent the family values, financial objectives, confidentiality, and lifestyle needs of the client, by assessing not only what the candidate communicates, but also how the candidate communicates to ensure a good match and the right fit. With an acute understanding of the complex dynamics at play in Family Offices, Executives Unlimited utilizes a deft hand in navigating family structure to introduce the ideal candidate into the fold.

We recruit talent to go above and beyond your goals, including but not limited to:

  • Family Legacy and Leadership
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Wealth Management
  • Tax and Financial Planning
  • Trust/Estate/Philanthropy
  • Lifestyle Management

With award-winning experience as well as a keen understanding of the family unit, trust Executives Unlimited to seek and appoint the most talented financial and lifestyle experts to guide your family in continued financial freedom.

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