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Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare sector has expanded rapidly in the past decade, hitting an all-time high for job growth in 2016. Healthcare and life sciences made incredible advances, and the demand is high for skilled and educated employees and executives. This is partially due to the incredibly high standards necessary to make it into the upper echelons as well as the field having the ability to change in a heartbeat. Healthcare today is built on change, so professionals should be ready to bring a new perspective to an old topic.

Executives Unlimited possesses experience a wide range of experience with staffing a variety of positions across the healthcare sector. Top brands and hospitals continue to trust Executives Unlimited because we focus on the bigger picture. As the population continues to age and technology continues to lengthen lifespans, Executives Unlimited plans ahead by finding candidates who can do the same.  We attract the most talented and dedicated candidates by looking beyond credentials and accomplishments to what interests lay beyond the resume. We find a way to help you define the position and goals in a way that will attract the talent you deserve for your organization.

Case Study

One of the nation’s leading nonprofit biomedical research institutes, with over 150 researchers and over 1,000 ongoing studies, contacted Executives Unlimited to secure a Chief Financial Officer to report to the CEO/President. Remaining true to our trademark consultative approach, EUI collaboratively defined a position specification with the client’s Board of Directors that clearly defined the objectives of the position in preparation for expected double-digit growth. This highly strategic role required strong Board interaction and extensive experience in identifying and cultivating funding opportunities for the organization. The selected candidate was chosen for his entrepreneurial spirit and balanced financial acumen.