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Now more than ever, the manufacturing industry needs executive leaders who are both creative and critical thinkers. The rise in automation has changed the nature of the industry in a big way. As designs grow increasingly tailored to a specific demographic and automation makes certain roles obsolete, manufacturing executives must keep up with 21st century demands to remain competitive. Executives Unlimited works with prominent firms to fulfill large, complex goals, such as increasing plant efficiency without compromising the environment.

Case Study

A Founder/CEO of a privately held $80 million OEM cell phone parts procurement/distribution company retained EUI to recruit a strategic, operationally savvy Chief Financial Officer to lead the day-to-day financial operations and reporting functions. The position required a deep understanding of supply chain as well as demonstrated experience in ERP software selection and implementation. The role required up to 50% international travel to their headquarters during the first 18 months to position the company for growth while bridging the gap between operations and finance. In 14 weeks, EUI secured a proven executive with over 20 years’ industry experience in financial management positions in addition to solid operational experience. The selected candidate stood out in overall core competencies and financial acumen and possessed a unique mix of strategic capabilities combined with the ability to manage at a tactical level.