As a trusted partner, we connect our clients with leaders that align with their business and regulatory needs.


The diverse nature of nonprofit creates the need for executives with distinct skills and experiences. Executives Unlimited takes pride in our expertise and understanding of the dynamic nature of critical leadership roles in the nonprofit business sector, as well as in determining an organization’s purpose and its culture.

We recognize the spirit of Non-Profit and know that leaders in nonprofit positively affect change far beyond a community. We will help strengthen your leadership team and position your organization for a fruitful future. Our communication skills and policies are unparalleled. We examine your organization’s unique set of challenges, and work closely with you at every stage of the process. In addition, we take into consideration your nonprofit status in our fee structure.

Case Study

A well-known New York City museum was contemplating a major expansion. The necessary funds were to come from the city, other public sources and private fund raising. Management realized that they needed more sophistication in their finance group to handle the growth, building fund and capital budget issues. After meeting with Executives Unlimited, the decision was reached to create a new position, Director of Finance, and to restructure the Finance and Accounting Department to better handle the future growth and operations of the museum. We found the Director of Finance with the requisite experience in a nonprofit environment who met all of the challenges of the position while exceeding management’s expectations.